Stone Milling with Laser Technology

Stone milling with laser technology is an innovative and precise method for stone processing. Laser technology enables the creation of fine details and complex patterns that are difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional mechanical methods. Precision and depth of detail Lasers are extremely precise, so they can create very fine details on the stone […]


Engineering Support

Our team of experts is at your side from the initial steps to help you realize the project. As a first step, we recommend a consultation, where we discuss the details of the project and, if necessary, test our technology on the product so that we can provide you with the perfect solution. When we […]


Integration & Installation & First Start-up

Our engineers provide assistance in everything during the integration, installation and commissioning of the machine after purchase. integration During integration, we help you set up communication and data exchange between different systems, as well as adjust everything according to the environment. Installation During the installation, we set the appropriate parameters on our own Windows-compatible software, […]

pcb cutting with laser

Precision PCB Cutting with Laser Technology

Precision PCB cutting with laser technology is an advanced and efficient method that offers many advantages over traditional mechanical cutting techniques. precision and contactless technology Laser cutting is accurate, fast, and allows intricate designs to be cut out without the need for physical contact, minimizing mechanical stress and the chance of damage to PCBs. Advantages […]

laser welding

Laser welding in car industry

Minimal heat effect During laser welding, the heat effect zone (HAZ) is very small, which minimizes material deformation and possible damage. This is especially useful when working with thin materials such as body parts. Efficiency Laser welding is faster than many traditional welding methods, increasing production speed and reducing production time. Accuracy and precision Laser […]

plexi cutting

Plexi Cutting and Marking with Laser Technology

Laser cutting plexiglass, also known as acrylic, is a popular and effective method for creating precise and clean cuts in this material. Laser cutting has many advantages over traditional mechanical cutting methods, including superior edge quality, intricate detailing, and minimal material waste. Cutting speed: Cutting speed must be balanced with laser power to achieve a […]


Precision Laser Welding

Precision laser welding equipment are special tools designed to perform fine and precise welding tasks. Precision laser welders are able to work with very tight tolerances, enabling the welding of small and sensitive parts. These devices introduce minimal heat into the material, which reduces the risk of deformation and damage to the material. Precision laser […]


Multifunctional Laser Technolgy

Thanks to our unique development, lasers are already capable of performing more tasks than ever before. Thanks to the precision, speed and versatility of modern laser technology, it offers effective solutions in many areas, be it industrial, medical or scientific applications. Technology: welding marking cleaning cutting milling surfacetreatment

laser systems

Unique Laser Solutions

The development of unique laser equipment has many advantages, here are a few examples: Customization: Custom laser equipment can be tailored to specific applications, providing customized solutions that may not be possible with catalog equipment. This customization results in better performance and efficiency, and is also suitable for performing very unique and difficult tasks. Innovative […]

automata laser cleaning

Automata Laser Cleaning

The precision automatic laser cleaner is an advanced technological device that uses laser beams to remove dirt, oxidation and other unwanted materials from various surfaces. This cleaning method is highly efficient and accurate, and is used in many industries such as manufacturing, automotive and electronics. Features: High Precision: Laser cleaners are able to clean very […]


Develop Product with Us

We are different 1. Understanding your vision Initial consultation: We start with an in-depth discussion to understand your vision for project implementation. 2. Defining the scope Project Requirements: List functional and non-functional requirements. 3. Planning Let’s plan together what will be the best solution for you. During the design, we take into account the creation […]

unique solution

A Unique Solution for Every Project

The satisfaction of our customers is important to us, so we offer them the best solutions. We will individually design the desired solution, so you will receive a solution that is completely customized to the project, so that the work is smooth after the purchase and installation of the equipment.