laser systems

Unique Laser Solutions

The development of unique laser equipment has many advantages, here are a few examples: Customization: Custom laser equipment can be tailored to specific applications, providing customized solutions that may not be possible with catalog equipment. This customization results in better performance and efficiency, and is also suitable for performing very unique and difficult tasks. Innovative […]

automata laser cleaning

Automata Laser Cleaning

The precision automatic laser cleaner is an advanced technological device that uses laser beams to remove dirt, oxidation and other unwanted materials from various surfaces. This cleaning method is highly efficient and accurate, and is used in many industries such as manufacturing, automotive and electronics. Features: High Precision: Laser cleaners are able to clean very […]


Develop Product with Us

We are different 1. Understanding your vision Initial consultation: We start with an in-depth discussion to understand your vision for project implementation. 2. Defining the scope Project Requirements: List functional and non-functional requirements. 3. Planning Let’s plan together what will be the best solution for you. During the design, we take into account the creation […]

unique solution

A Unique Solution for Every Project

The satisfaction of our customers is important to us, so we offer them the best solutions. We will individually design the desired solution, so you will receive a solution that is completely customized to the project, so that the work is smooth after the purchase and installation of the equipment.

pcb milling with laser

PCB Milling with Laser

The use of laser technology for PCB (printed circuit) milling is becoming increasingly popular as it offers many advantages over traditional milling techniques. Primarily, laser milling provides exceptional precision and detail, allowing the creation of very fine patterns and lines. In addition, the process can be faster, especially for small series or unique prototypes, significantly […]

laser cleaning in the automotive industry

Laser Cleaning in the Automotive Industry

Automotive cleaning refers to the collection of various cleaning methods and techniques used in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of vehicles. These cleaning procedures are not only limited to the exterior and interior cleaning of cars, but also to the cleaning of machinery and equipment used in manufacturing processes. Laser cleaning is an efficient and […]

glass marking

Glass industry opportunities

The continuous development of laser technology creates many opportunities for the glass industry as well. Laser solutions used in glass production enable greater precision, efficiency and flexibility during production processes. Laser technology can be widely used in various processes of glass production, for example; Cutting: Laser cutting and machining is a very precise and efficient […]

technical support

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is extremely important for technologies such as our company deals with, for example laser equipment. This is important because it helps to minimize possible breakdowns and downtime, and preserves the efficiency and lifespan of the equipment. Preventive maintenance activities may include regular cleaning, lubrication, calibration, and inspection, as well as periodic replacement of […]

automation laser solutions

Automation Laser Solutions

In industrial processes, automation plays an increasingly important role in increasing efficiency and productivity. The possibilities of automation offered by laser technologies are revolutionizing production processes. Automated laser systems simplify and optimize processes, minimizing the need for human intervention. This reduces human errors and increases process reliability. In industrial automation, laser technologies offer manufacturers flexibility […]

laser milling advantages

Laser Milling Advantages

Laser milling is a modern processing technology that uses laser beams to remove material from the base material. During the process, we can create different patterns, shapes, inscriptions, we can even create differences in levels, because the laser cutter can trace the topology. Thanks to our unique development, we can also create 2D and 3D […]


Environmentally Friendly Office

Designing an environmentally friendly office has many benefits, including energy and cost savings, as well as improving the health and well-being of employees. Development of energy-saving solutions in the field of electronics. Waste reduction can be easily achieved if we pay attention to recyclable products, minimize the use of paper and collect waste selectively. Designing […]


Sandblasting vs. Laser Cleaning

Sandblasting or sandblasting is an effective and fast surface cleaning process that is widely used in various industries. This technology is a method used instead of physical cleaning and manual sanding, which provides much faster and more efficient results. During sandblasting, abrasive particles (usually sand) are blown onto the surface to be cleaned using high-pressure […]