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Laser technology is compatible with other technologies, including robot technology (full or partial robotization), robot cells, automation, pneumatics, production line integration, etc. The combination of laser technology and robot technology can result in many innovative solutions. The combination of technologies provides new innovative solutions and opens up new areas of application for us.

Industrial Applications

Laser Welding Robots:

The use of laser welding robots on industrial production lines enables fast and accurate welding operations. These robots can be programmed for different welding patterns and are capable of precision work, minimizing material loss, less scrap and errors.

Laser Cutting Robots:

Laser cutting robots are often used in industry, which can precisely cut various materials such as metals, plastics and composites. Its advantages include precise and clean cutting edges, high-speed operations, and low maintenance.

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Future Developments:

Integration and Miniaturization: The miniaturization and integration of technologies creates new application possibilities.

Artificial Intelligence: Using AI to make laser and robotic systems smarter and more autonomous.

New Materials and Techniques: Use of more advanced materials and techniques to increase efficiency and performance.

automatic laser technology

Automation of laser technology:

Automation of laser technology in industry has many benefits, including increasing production efficiency, reducing costs and improving precision. Laser cutting with automated systems enables precise and fast cutting of various materials (metals, plastics, wood, textiles). Laser cutters provide high cutting speed and excellent cutting quality, and can be used in many areas, for example; cutting of bodywork elements in the automotive industry, precise cutting of circuit boards in the electronics industry, precise cutting of textile materials. The use of laser welding systems ensures the creation of fast and strong bonds of various metals and alloys. The low heat effect zone, which minimizes deformation. In combination with a robot, continuous and repeatable welding operations can be performed, resulting in high-strength and durable welding seams. Its main application is in the automotive industry for body and chassis elements, and in the aircraft industry, it is an excellent process for connecting structural elements.

Integrating automated laser systems with robots and other automation solutions increases efficiency and productivity.



High repeatability and precision: Automatic systems minimize human errors.

Continuous operation: the possibility of 24/7 production, which increases capacity.

Flexible production processes: Easy transition between different products and production processes.