Environmental protection in industry

Today, environmental responsibility is an important factor that is present in the everyday life of businesses. More and more businesses strive for environmental awareness.

By applying modern, environmentally friendly technologies and using clean energy, harmful environmental effects can be significantly reduced. This is also an important issue in the life of industries, as environmental regulations are becoming increasingly strict. Industrial property protection is also one of those effective tools that are suitable for encouraging the development of new, environmentally friendly technologies or the further development of already developed solutions in the life of every industry.

Chemicals in industry

The solvent used to dilute the paint is extremely flammable, irritates the eyes and respiratory tract, which is dangerous for human health, so important work safety rules must be followed. A separate and continuously ventilated room must be provided for the storage of paints and solvents. When using laser equipment, there are no auxiliary materials and no need to provide a separate room for their storage, and they are not harmful to health at all.

Sandblasting technology

Unwanted rust, rust, and old paint/coating can be removed from many metal surfaces by sandblasting. The resulting new, metal-clean surface is the perfect basis for further treatments: painting, powder coating, galvanizing, etc.

However, sandblasting involves transport costs and has other negative effects. Laser technology, on the other hand, does not involve delivery costs, as it requires nothing but an electrical outlet. The laser cleans with light and provides the best result for its user. You don’t need to get dressed while using it, as you do for sandblasting, a work station equipped with a protective cover is sufficient, or we can also create a solution that can be integrated into the production line.

Transportation costs

In the industries, in addition to emissions and consumption, you have to take into account transport costs. In addition to higher energy prices, transportation costs also increased. In order to reduce this, we recommend laser technology, since it can perform cleaning, marking, welding, milling, and cutting without waste material.

Emission of harmful substances

industries unfortunately emit a lot of harmful substances,
but this can be reduced with laser technology.

Laser technology in industry

One of the most important factors in the production sphere and the current “be green” way of thinking is the production of as little waste as possible and the reduction of the ecological footprint. The best possible choice is laser technology, as it is a precise and environmentally friendly solution. In addition to its speed, its accuracy should also be mentioned, because it is also authoritative in industrial use. With the fibersx technology, they are able to perform more functions than the previously used equipment. Its maintenance c​osts are very low compared to conventional machines, because there are no wearing parts.

According to the UN’s Sixth Assessment Report, greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are responsible for approximately 1.1°C of warming since the beginning of the 20th century. These activities include, for example, the burning of coal, oil and gas, deforestation and agriculture. Within the area of energy consumption, the report also narrowed the proportions of pollutant-emitting areas. The largest emission (24.2 percent) comes from industrial energy consumption, including the iron and steel industry (7.2 percent). The construction industry came in second place (17.5 percent), while the third was transportation (11.9 percent). In the latter group, road transport is by far the largest emitter, with 11.9 percent.

It is therefore clear from the data in which areas the global emission of greenhouse gases could be significantly reduced, and the transformation of the energy mix is already well under way. In other words, in the coming years, there may be major reorganizations in many industries, aimed at curbing pollution. Laser technology is one of the good solutions for the reorganization, because there is no emission of harmful substances, there is no need to use hazardous substances, so there is no need to take care of their transportation.

It contributes to its continuous development if we choose an energy-saving and environmentally friendly solution.