Laser cleaning is a non-contact and safe process that has many advantages, since there is no need for chemicals, sand or any other waste material, thus the constant costs are reduced to a minimum.

manual laser cleaning process

Manual laser cleaning equipment

It can be used excellently on large workpieces, where damage-free cleaning of the material surface is the primary concern. (e.g. engineering parts, mechanical elements, casting templates, injection molding tools.) Our cleaning equipment can be conveniently used on amorphous, complex-shaped workpieces or components.

Thanks to its adjustable power level, it can be used on various surfaces and materials. Different impurities and can be removed, e.g.; paint, rust, plastic residues, grease, resin, glue, lubricants. Our 1D laser cleaning equipment can operate at maximum strength with low power consumption. Its design is completely user-friendly, it has a control surface and a laser head with which we can clean. It is the best choice for large amorphous shapes, as we can easily remove dirt, without chemicals or other waste materials.

jig cleaning

Areas of use:

Metal surface cleaning:

Rust removal:

The laser effectively removes hard rust from metal surfaces without damaging the base material. It can also remove thick layers of dirt easily.

To remove paint:

Laser removal of old paints and coatings is quick and effective. Industrial paint layers are stronger and more difficult to remove, but the 1D laser cleaning equipment easily removes thick, highly bonded paints or coatings.

Oxidation removal:

Oxidation layers and dirt are effectively removed from metal surfaces with a laser. The automated 1D laser can also be suitable for removing the layer, it can even be applied to a robotic arm.

Automotive and aerospace industry:

Metal parts, engine blocks and other large parts with complicated shapes can be easily removed by our manual laser cleaner. The advantage is that it can be used completely manually, and a semi- or fully automatic solution is also provided for our partners. The cleaning process also contributes to maintenance.

Plastic industry:

In the plastics industry, where parts are injection molded, it is particularly important to use a manual laser cleaner. It can effectively remove thick plastic residues of up to 2 cm without damaging the injection mold.

glue and oil remov

Advantages of hand laser cleaning:

An environmentally friendly solution because it does not require chemicals or other solvents. In contrast to sandblasting or dry ice cleaning, laser cleaning does not require waste material and does not harm human health either. There is no need for complex protective equipment, as is the case with traditional cleaning technologies.

An effective and fast solution for cleaning large surfaces, components or workpieces with complex shapes.

The generated waste is minimal, as dirt is removed with a beam of light and turned into dust, which can be removed from the work area by vacuuming.

Our manual laser cleaners also cooperate with other technologies, so they can be easily integrated into automated systems, thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

Overall, cleaning equipment offers an efficient, accurate and environmentally friendly solution to cleaning tasks in many industries. Laser cleaning can be faster and more efficient than traditional methods, while producing minimal waste and preserving the integrity of the cleaned surfaces.