A simple and quick solution for the laser surface treatment of various materials. Thanks to the laser power that can be adjusted in several ways, the laser equipment can be used in many ways, thus we can achieve several types of surface treatment.


Thanks to our continuous development, laser surface treatment can also be found among our technologies. It has many advantages, including high precision, controlled process, speed and efficiency. The interface is fully automated, so the process is controlled and contact-free. Due to the minimal heat effect, the procedure can also be used on sensitive materials, including the group of plastics. We can modify or improve the surface of various materials. The advantages of laser surface treatment include better adhesion of paint, glue or coating.

Some common applications are:

Surface training:

Thanks to the heat of the laser, we can strengthen the surface, which increases wear resistance and hardness.

Making a coating:

The application of thin-layer coatings can improve the properties of the surface, thereby increasing corrosion protection.

Surface texturing:

We can structure the surface of the material in several ways, we can even create a non-slip surface or we can even achieve better adhesion thanks to micron ribbing.

surface texturing

Surface matting:

Surface matting is a special process used to reduce the surface reflectance of various materials. This technology is particularly useful in applications where it is necessary to reduce glare or improve adhesion.

Its areas of application include the automotive industry, where it reduces the reflection of internal and external surfaces. It is also used in the electronics industry to mattify components to improve light reflection, so legibility can easily be guaranteed.

matting surface

Surface polishing:

Our laser is also suitable for smoothing and polishing surfaces. It is especially useful in places where surface gloss is important. Laser polishing has several advantages, including accuracy, precision, and following complex geometries.

surface polishing

Areas of application:

It can also be used for smoothing and repairing the surface of tools or improving the quality of injection molded products.

In the automotive industry, the polishing of turbines, engine parts and other precision elements contributes to the reduction of friction, thus increasing efficiency.

Laser polishing is also useful for metals, as we can improve corrosion resistance and smooth the surface.

Laser surface polishing is an efficient technology that provides an advantage in the life of industries. Due to the high accuracy of the process, its ability to preserve material and its environmentally friendly nature, it is an excellent choice if you want to achieve a high level of surface quality.