Sandblasting vs. Laser Cleaning

Sandblasting or sandblasting is an effective and fast surface cleaning process that is widely used in various industries. This technology is a method used instead of physical cleaning and manual sanding, which provides much faster and more efficient results. During sandblasting, abrasive particles (usually sand) are blown onto the surface to be cleaned using high-pressure air. This method is excellent for quick and thorough cleaning of rusty, painted or otherwise contaminated surfaces.


Laser cleaning is an innovative technology that is widely used in industries to clean and prepare surfaces. This method offers many advantages over conventional mechanical, chemical or other physical cleaning processes. Laser cleaning is an effective method for removing rust and oxide layers on metal surfaces. Also, laser cleaning quickly and efficiently removes paints and various coatings from metals, plastics or composite materials. This is particularly useful in the automotive and aerospace industries, where surface preparation is important before painting or coating.