Laser Milling

Laser technology has many advantages and can be used in several industries.
A lézer marás számos előnnyel jár

Thanks to the programming, it handles vector graphics well, so it is ideal for milling complex shapes and forms, and is able to achieve micron-scale detail. In addition, the equipment can be widely used, starting from plastic to metals, and can grind even on more sensitive materials at a high level, as it can be tuned very finely, so even the sponge will not burn. Its speed is also worth mentioning, as it works on both thinner and thicker materials at an excellent speed, which reduces milling time and increases productivity. What is perhaps the most different from traditional technologies is that there is no tool wear, as the entire process is contactless.

precision milling

Industrial applications

Laser milling in industry is a highly efficient and versatile technology that offers many advantages to the automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical industries. Thanks to its precision, speed and flexibility, it plays an increasingly important role in industrial production.

Use in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, laser milling enables the precise machining of engine parts and gearboxes, resulting in micron precision milling without errors. It is also suitable for making injection molding tools and many small production tools.

Precise machining

It easily performs the precise machining of small parts, and the list of machinable materials is quite broad, from very hard materials (hard metal) to weaker materials (metals, plastics).