Precision PCB Cutting with Laser Technology

Precision PCB cutting with laser technology is an advanced and efficient method that offers many advantages over traditional mechanical cutting techniques.

precision and contactless technology

Laser cutting is accurate, fast, and allows intricate designs to be cut out without the need for physical contact, minimizing mechanical stress and the chance of damage to PCBs.pcb cutting with laser

Advantages of PCB laser cutting

High precision: Lasers allow very precise cuts with an accuracy of a few micrometers, which is especially important for densely populated PCBs.

Clean edges: Laser cutting results in clean and smooth edges, reducing the need for post-processing.

Flexibility: Laser cutters can be programmed to cut different patterns, making them easy to adapt to changing designs and prototypes.

Speed: Laser cutting is fast, which increases production efficiency and reduces lead time.

Non-contact cutting: Since there is no physical contact with the cutting tool, PCBs are not mechanically damaged and tools do not wear out.