Laser welding in car industry

Minimal heat effect

During laser welding, the heat effect zone (HAZ) is very small, which minimizes material deformation and possible damage. This is especially useful when working with thin materials such as body parts.

laser welding


Laser welding is faster than many traditional welding methods, increasing production speed and reducing production time.

Accuracy and precision

Laser welding is highly accurate and precise, allowing intricate and delicate parts to be joined without distortion. This is especially important for automotive components, where millimeter precision is also important.

High quality stitching

Laser welding produces high-quality, clean and strong welds that are reliable and durable.

Reduced material consumption

Laser welding often does not require filler material, which reduces material costs and the need for post-processing.


Laser welding systems can be easily integrated into automated production lines, increasing productivity and reducing the potential for human error.