Glass industry opportunities

The continuous development of laser technology creates many opportunities for the glass industry as well. Laser solutions used in glass production enable greater precision, efficiency and flexibility during production marking

Laser technology can be widely used in various processes of glass production, for example;

Cutting: Laser cutting and machining is a very precise and efficient method of cutting and shaping glass sheets and other glass products to size. This allows for the creation of intricate patterns and shapes without having to remove large amounts of material
Marking: Laser technology enables precise marking of glass surfaces. for example marking logos, texts or individual designs.


  • Laser processing enables the creation of very detailed and detailed patterns and shapes on glass surfaces.
  • Much faster and more efficient than traditional mechanical processes. This increases production speed and reduces production time.
  • they can be easily applied to products of different sizes and shapes
  • Less material and energy are required for production processes. This can reduce waste and costs and improve sustainability.